How to evaluate the competitors.

Third Fuji Acappella Festival. How to evaluate the competitors.

This document is translated into English from Japanese. If there is a difference between the two, the Japanese version will be used.

Japanese version:


In the competition of Third Fuji Acappella Festival, we will give you a score based on the following 5 viewpoints:

  • Harmony, Pitch
  • Rhythm, Groove
  • Expresiveness
  • Selection of songs, Arrangement
  • Stage performance, Clothing

Each viewpoint has 5 marks, so top grade is

5 [marks] x 5 [viewpoints] x 3 [judges] = 75[marks].

Moreover, comments from each judge will be released to all bands.

The background of this review method, specific evaluation criteria for each viewpoint, deduction criteria, standardization of points, etc. is explained in detail below.

1.The List of Awards

Band Category

Best Band Award

Harmony Award

Rhythm Performance Award

Stage Technique Award

Special Recognition Award x 2

Crystal Award x 5

Personal Category

Lead Vocal Award

Bass Award

Percussion Award

2.Evaluation Criteria

2-1.Meanings of Scoring

The performances are scored in this contest. This score is used as the reference material of the judgement.

In the evaluation, it is inevitable that judges’ preferences affect the results, so the judges will discuss which band should win the award eventually.

2-2.Evaluation Criteria for each viewpoint

  • Harmony, Pitch

The band can control to the correct pitch. The melody follows the exact scale. The pitch is aligned in harmony. The volume balance is appropriate. etc.

  • Rhythm, Groove

The band can create the appropriate groove for their songs. The rhythm can be accurately engraved. The timing of the start and the end of each note is right. The grooves can be created appropriately using accents. The members share the grooves. etc.

  • Expressiveness

What the band wants to realize (want to impress, excite, heal, etc.) has been realized by the musical expression (volume, tone, how to proceed to the next note, etc.).

  • Selection of songs, Arrangement

The band can select the appropriate songs and arrangement according to what the band wants to realize.

  • Stage performance, Clothing

What the band wants to realize has been realized by the personal manner and the appearance.

For these items, each judge will give a score up to 5 points. The full marks is 25 points per judge. The total for 3 judges is 75 points.

2-3.Deduction Criteria

If the following actions are observed, points will be deducted.

  • When the playing time exceeds the allotted time, we are going to deduct 5% of your points every 15 seconds. For example:

playing time

deduction rate

00m00s00 – 10m00s00


10m00s01 – 10m15s00


10m15s01 – 10m30s00


and so forth



  • When the songs you have sang are different from the preliminary survey, we are going to deduct 10% of your points. If we have to pay fine to JASRAC, we are going to charge you the actual cost.
    The result of the preliminary survey is based on what is published in the pamphlet. If the songs listed in the pamphlet are different from the previous application, please notify the staff by 09:50 on September 8th.

3.Standardization of Points

In accordance with the evaluation criteria shown in the previous chapter, the judges will evaluate your performances. After that, the points that each judge gives to you are “standardized”.

3-1.What is Standardization?

For example, if the scores of band A, B, and C are

Judge 1: 25 15 0

Judge 2: 15 17 20

respectively, the total is

total: 40 32 20.

In this way, the influence of the judge 1, who made the difference of the score as much as possible, becomes stronger. The standardization is a process to equalize the influence of each judge. When the influence of the judges is equal, it makes sense to compare the scores given by each judge.

3-2.How to standardize the points

When z, x, a, s are defined as follows:

z: The final point of a band

x: The raw point by a judge

a: The average of the points by the judge

s: The standard deviation of the points by the judge,

z is calculated as:

z = ( x – a ) / s.

This process is to align the average and variance of each judge’s score.

For statistical discussions, please refer to the statistics textbook or the link below (Japanese website).


奥村太一.”3.1 標準得点”.テスト理論.2014.,(accessed 2019-08-30)

3-3.How to give points

The standardization is the process that allows relative evaluation, so the information in absolute evaluation will fade. Each judge will reflect the details of the assessment more accurately by maximizing the range of assessments. The highest score will be the full score and the lowest score will be 0. The amount of information is greater if the judge assigns a score of 0 to 5 points than a score of 3 to 5 points.

4.How to determine the winners

4-1.Best Band Award, Special Recognition Award

After the all performances end, each judge’s score will be standardized according to the previous chapter. Then, according to the following flow, the winner band of the Best Band Award and Special Recognition Award will be determined:

  1. Calculate the total score after standardization
  2. Extract the top 5 bands of each judge
  3. Discuss between judges

As stated in section 2-1, the final decision criteria is discussion and consensus.

4-2.Other Awards in the Band Category

Harmony Award, Rhythm Performance Award, and Stage Technique Award are given to bands that have earned a high evaluation according to their evaluation criteria.

Crystal award will be sent to the bands that have shining parts such as arrangement or costumes. This evaluation criteria emphasizes comprehensive ability, and we also want to evaluate from individuality, which is difficult to evaluate with such a standard.

4-3.Personal Category

The personal performance is not scored. The candidates will be selected for each judge, and winners will be decided through discussion.

4-4.Publish Comments

All comments from the judges will be published for future band activities.

Inquiries regarding specific scores and evaluations cannot be accepted by the executive committee.

4-5.The Right to Win the Awards

Only the band attending the award ceremony with all members is entitled to the award for each band category. If some members go away, they will be treated as having declined the awards.

Only those who attend the award ceremony have the right to receive each award of the personal category. It is not necessary for all band members to attend the ceremony.

If you have any questions, please contact the Fuji Acapella Festival Executive Committee.


Fuji Acapella Festival Executive Committee